NHS Forth Valley Policies for Staff (FOI correspondence)


“I have just received this REPLY (24 Oct 2014) and have posted it below. The question that this reply raises in my mind is how many employees like myself have resigned from an NHS Board or Health Authority  after “informal” “invitations” in regards to any of their policies?

Is there is an asymmetry of power here that favours the institution over the individual?

What might be the costs? Well duty of candour may be a “casualty”. The unintentional creation of a “culture of fear” might be a further consequence.

I appreciate this is a difficult area but as a doctor interested in ethics I am of the opinion that it needs further exploration.”


Hole Ousia


My reply (below) to which I still wait a response from NHS Forth Valley:

Thursday, 24 July 2014

To: Hilary Chalmers,

Lead Freedom of Information Officer,
Information Governance Department,
Colquhoun Street,

Dear Hilary Chalmers,
Ref: FOI0001744

Thank you for your FOI response letter dated 16th July 2014. It is most helpful

This FOI reply has raised areas for which I would appreciate further clarification under the same FOI process.

I note in answer to the first question that NHS Forth Valley has on only two occasions (once in 2012 and once in 2013) “formally” dealt with an employee’s failure to comply with NHS Forth Valley’s Business Conduct Policy which was first issued by NHS Forth Valley 15th October 2007. Given the questions I have raised about transparency and NHS Forth Valley’s compliance with HDL (2003) 62 could you please

  • Under FOI could NHS Forth Valley…

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