“the _________ sort of _________.”

PROOF OF GOD! ...and other tragedies.

IMG_20141003_121254  IMG_20141003_121626

‎I never learned nothin’
of much use at all
in a world that is full of theories
that can’t won’t keep anyone warm
when the lights go out
‎Hanging out’s no good
when my hands can’t draw a single line
and my fingers feel clumsy in sewing
Names and data slipping out of brain
as I try to remember why the hell I exist
and am sitting at a table
only gesturing toward laughter
The soup might work
with peppers grown in the eastern county
and okra in the lawn
a chicken raised up on the coast
spiced and thickened
arrowroot in the water
It just might work
that sort of kin‎dness
How could I explain,
that this
is my lot in life,
to wonder,
is this
what it will take?
What will it take?
I’m going out dancing on Tuesday,
gonna paint this morning.


‎It’s as if the more…

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