Gilbert Farie

“My earliest memory is the vantage I had from my princess pram: peering out from the merimo hood I could see above the Buckstone pharmacy a large gold pot pulled-in at the waist. Just above was the gold handle of a golden pestle for a golden mortar.”

Hole Ousia

An edited version of Chapter 12 from ‘This is Not yesterday’

Gilbert Farie, (pronounced fairy) you will not have heard of, for he is a forgotten village Pharmacist who practiced back in Victorian days. Gilbert Farie was the dwarf pharmacist, hunched, red cheeked and monocular in vision, who each day dispensed from his pharmacy the cough medication for the boy who was Robert Louis Stevenson.

You think so much of yoursel from omphalos on Vimeo.

Gilbert Farie could sell anything, and literally did. He monopolized the Spa town of Bridge of Allan, made a fortune and married an heiress. He was widely unpopular as his only pursuit was of self advancement. No wonder he crept into the nightmares of young Robert Louis Stevenson. By now, you will have gathered, that Gilbert Farie was the counter of Dr Jekyll. Yes, Gilbert Farie was Mr Hyde.


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