Esalen California: ‘Re-Visioning Madness: Compassionately Responding to People in Extreme States’ 12-14 December

Re-Visioning Madness: Compassionately Responding to People in Extreme States’ 12-14 December 2014, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California cornwalllukoff

“This Esalen workshop with Michael Cornwall and David Lukoff will be an exciting exploration of the nature of extreme states and how to respond with compassion based on the Dick Price legacy at Esalen, both of our personal journeys through madness, and our decades of serving people in lukoffextreme states. Come join us and help to expand the understanding of madness, and to grow ever better ways to be of service.
We hope to see you in December!
Michael and David
Facebook page

From Esalen website:

Esalen co-founders Richard Price and Michael Murphy envisioned Dick Price’s experiences of madness to be of great potential value in helping others, and as a way to expand the human potential movement. As a result, Esalen became a hub in the exploration of alternative models of madness and the development of new ways to help people in extreme states. Michael Cornwall and David Lukoff have been involved in continuing this exploration for more than thirty years. 

Workshop attendees will learn about new, ground-breaking research and contributions by pioneers like Price, Bateson, Laing, Perry, Silverman, Perls, Grof, and others who attended historic gatherings on madness at Esalen.

During collegial conversations, personal sharing, and interactive exercises, we can expand on the paradigms by which madness may be expressed, understood, and responded to, by drawing on heart-centered ways of “being with” an individual in an extreme state.

The primary goal of this weekend together is to renew and inspire each of us to go back into our communities to bring compassion to those we serve.

[Recommended reading: Laing, The Politics of Experience and the Bird of Paradise; Jung, The Red Book: A Reader’s Edition; Perry, The Trials of the Visionary Mind; Grof, Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis.]

I’ll be there, in mind and spirit. 


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