Early detection of dementia: RCPsych result

Hole Ousia

“This House supports the early detection of dementia”

Following on from my previous post which outlined my opposing argument, I can now share the result of this RCPsych debate:the result 26 Sept 2014

The narrowness of the result is undeniable. Yet the motion was defeated.

It seems that my fellow professionals were not fully swayed by the determination of a “Key Opinion Leader” such as Professor Clive Ballard.

I neither wish nor am I able to analyse this result, I only wish to record the result: that the motion that “this house supports the early detection of dementia” was defeated.

The forum of this debate is though worth reiterating:  Royal College of Psychiatry, members, for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Conference.

I might speculate that this result express confirms a growing concern regarding the difficult to establish boundaries between ageing and disease.

True care need not rest on any such simplified boundaries. Rather true…

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Gilbert Farie

“My earliest memory is the vantage I had from my princess pram: peering out from the merimo hood I could see above the Buckstone pharmacy a large gold pot pulled-in at the waist. Just above was the gold handle of a golden pestle for a golden mortar.”

Hole Ousia

An edited version of Chapter 12 from ‘This is Not yesterday’

Gilbert Farie, (pronounced fairy) you will not have heard of, for he is a forgotten village Pharmacist who practiced back in Victorian days. Gilbert Farie was the dwarf pharmacist, hunched, red cheeked and monocular in vision, who each day dispensed from his pharmacy the cough medication for the boy who was Robert Louis Stevenson.

You think so much of yoursel from omphalos on Vimeo.

Gilbert Farie could sell anything, and literally did. He monopolized the Spa town of Bridge of Allan, made a fortune and married an heiress. He was widely unpopular as his only pursuit was of self advancement. No wonder he crept into the nightmares of young Robert Louis Stevenson. By now, you will have gathered, that Gilbert Farie was the counter of Dr Jekyll. Yes, Gilbert Farie was Mr Hyde.


Our family shares…

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Esalen California: ‘Re-Visioning Madness: Compassionately Responding to People in Extreme States’ 12-14 December

Re-Visioning Madness: Compassionately Responding to People in Extreme States’ 12-14 December 2014, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California cornwalllukoff

“This Esalen workshop with Michael Cornwall and David Lukoff will be an exciting exploration of the nature of extreme states and how to respond with compassion based on the Dick Price legacy at Esalen, both of our personal journeys through madness, and our decades of serving people in lukoffextreme states. Come join us and help to expand the understanding of madness, and to grow ever better ways to be of service.
We hope to see you in December!
Michael and David
Facebook page

From Esalen website:

Esalen co-founders Richard Price and Michael Murphy envisioned Dick Price’s experiences of madness to be of great potential value in helping others, and as a way to expand the human potential movement. As a result, Esalen became a hub in the exploration of alternative models of madness and the development of new ways to help people in extreme states. Michael Cornwall and David Lukoff have been involved in continuing this exploration for more than thirty years. 

Workshop attendees will learn about new, ground-breaking research and contributions by pioneers like Price, Bateson, Laing, Perry, Silverman, Perls, Grof, and others who attended historic gatherings on madness at Esalen.

During collegial conversations, personal sharing, and interactive exercises, we can expand on the paradigms by which madness may be expressed, understood, and responded to, by drawing on heart-centered ways of “being with” an individual in an extreme state.

The primary goal of this weekend together is to renew and inspire each of us to go back into our communities to bring compassion to those we serve.

[Recommended reading: Laing, The Politics of Experience and the Bird of Paradise; Jung, The Red Book: A Reader’s Edition; Perry, The Trials of the Visionary Mind; Grof, Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis.]

I’ll be there, in mind and spirit. 

Hello? Is anyone listening to the mothers?

I received an Email yesterday from a mother who had read this blog, saying that her son was in Ward 4 (IPCU) at Stratheden Hospital, Fife, and was being forcibly injected then shut in the “padded cell” or seclusion room.

This mother talked about being at her “wits end”.  

IPCU backdoor March 2012

This mother speaks about having to go in the back door of the ward and asks “is it to hide anything?”.

(just as I had to in February 2012, when other visitors got in the front door although now it has a window and bell)

This mother mentions having written an advance statement a few years ago saying she didn’t want her son to be put in Stratheden Hospital again.

This mother says that her son’s phone has been taken off him because it has a camera.  His phone is a lifeline and means of communication with his family and the outside world. 

Hello.  Is anyone listening to the mothers?

In At The Deep End

Mental Health Cop

I couldn’t be more thrilled to have been given the chance to undertake a secondment to the College of Policing to coordinate their work on mental health. I’m still a West Midlands Police officer, but they’ve loaned me out to help with work that the College needs to do nationally. This is a total change for me, moving from a very frontline, operational police roll overseeing a 999 response team and back to an intense spell of being a Monday to Friday, office boy doing things around policy and procedure, training and guidelines.

I’ve worked on mental health issues twice before, so this being my third posting to this developing and important area of policing and my being hot off the back of such an intense operational posting, I’m keen to help make a difference to how my old team and others like them, can do the best possible for…

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