akilter: crooked, out of alignment, askew; (figuratively) twisted, dysfunctional

Since the discriminatory incident 10 days ago I’ve been considering the implication of stigmatising mental disorder labels and how they impact on family members. Like a blow to the guts. Throwing us out of kilter or akilter as a friend described it.

Here are some facebook comments just written:

does psychiatry and therefore society see those of us with mental illness labels aMad_Science_Logo_3D_M-1024x853s akilter?

science: “a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws”

Psychiatry doesn’t deal in facts or truths rather in subjective opinion, observations and hearsay. Therefore it isn’t and can’t be “scientific”. They don’t brain scan or mind scan their patients. Looking and labelling isn’t scientific. Even when in an altered mind state I knew this was daft.

And here is a quote from an Email written to a friend, earlier:

“sociologists said that science wasn’t about truth but was about relationship, having power over something. Naming it, as in the botanists naming plants etc. This struck a chord with me.”


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