A Little Knowledge Is Dangerous by @MentalHealthCop

another great blog post from @MentalHealthCop

“Whenever I do talks to groups of police officers about this interface with mental health, I often ask, “What is it that really annoys or frustrates you in how our mental health system or our NHS works?” and you always get a flood of answers. It will usually include something about section 136 facilities; having to wait around for hours; being asked to do things which are, properly considered, health responsibilities and lots more besides. I don’t ask the question because I particularly care about the answers – I ask it in order to set up another question: “What is that you think really annoys of frustrates our colleagues in mental health about police officers and the police service?”

This question is ALWAYS greeted with total silence.”

Mental Health Cop

e=mc2Mental health has been creeping up the agenda in policing for some while now.  I will confess to mixed feelings about this progress and I imagine that might surprise you.  On the one hand, I’ve spent years banging on about mental health in the hope of its importance being recognised and slowly but surely, it is.  I really think we’re on the verge of getting somewhere with this.  However, I’m also concerned about a trend over the last year or so, in particular – this trend arises partly from the fact that the police are having to manage remaining resources ever more closely as they become scarce; it also arises from that old adage that ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’.  The next part of that phrase is “A little want of knowledge is also a dangerous thing.” As more officers are told to undertake work on mental health, I…

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