What the City Wanted to Show Me

another great post from Faith

PROOF OF GOD! ...and other tragedies.

note: in progress
The curved wall drops into a parking lot, with a higher, much bigger wall behind it, old-paint block letter warnings TOW AWAY ZONE, NO PARKING ALONG THIS WALL. There is a network of fields and fences stretching out under the slow setting Northwestern sun, a tangle of empty play equipment on a Sunday night. The woman sits there on the little ‎wall, beside the entrance to the back-of-the-school’s parking area and looks like she’s waiting for someone. She’s typing into a phone and maybe it seems like she’s texting, like she’s talking with someone.
She’s writing an email to herself, and wondering if she should call her children, who are a long-drive a day further south, on a different trip. 
‎She stood up and dialed their number, saw that a man was standing in the window in the house across the street, which was smaller…

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