May The Opinions of Mental Health Bureaucrats Be Damned and Other Thoughts From Recent Days

“So, any job I have must understand this, any true friend I have must understand this:
I still believe that something that loves me deeply plays me songs on the radio sometimes and some certain cloudforms will always take my breath away. I find kinship with strangers, and genuinely believe in the best, most simple sort of ghosts.”

PROOF OF GOD! ...and other tragedies.


This is less a poem and more a few notes on something I want to remember, a few minutes from earlier.I was driving and listening to the radio
windows down
pulled up to a stop light
with the Dow Jones scrolling across the street
red at midnight
on all countsI heard him before I saw him
recognized the bellows
the wail
just up the road
coming south on Biltmore
with a companion fellow
who walked a few steps ahead
looked back with annoyance,
like someone was watching
like he was embarrassed

I didn’t want to look up
I looked up,
and watched the soldier weave
toward the car
and wasn’t scared
even though his eyes were drunk
as hell
and his hair was in tufts
sticking out from his ballcap
at the longest red light
in the history of red lights
and he leaned toward…

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