When your head doesn’t live with you anymore | #fibro #MEcfs #spoonie

Mental Health Professional Combating Fibromyalgia

I_think_I_mightI’ve had a shit of a week so far….struggling to get up in the mornings, cotton wool clogging my head, forgetting everything, headaches, eye pain, lymphedema pain, poor concentration etc.  For us Fibro sufferers symptoms often come in clusters, no rhyme or reason, it just kicks off.  The unpredictable nature of it is extremely frustrating.  It can be quiet at work and you’re on a level, then it can be busy at work and it kicks off and vice versa.  I start to fear planning things because I just don’t know how I’m going to be.  My memory systems that I use, while generally great for Fibro become difficult because you forget how you’ve been using them in the first place.

Having different thoughts, reminders and ideas in folders becomes impossible to manage because you can’t remember where you filed things in the first place and you can’t remember the names…

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