Is head Injury a risk factor for psychiatric disorders? AJP.April. 2014.

here’s my comment on this blog post (my last comment wasn’t published, not sure why): “I find it ironic that ECT, a shock to the brain or blow to the head under general anaesthetic, is given as a treatment for depression and yet this blog post suggests a head injury is a risk factor for depression. What a topsy turvy world of mental health we live in.”



Depression is known to be common psychiatric consequence of head injury. Relationship between head injury and psychosis is less clear.Meta analysis by Molloy et al 2011 found the onset of schizophrenia to be more frequently following head injury. heterogeneity of included studies limited the confidence in that conclusion. Sonja Orlovska et al used the Danish registers to investigate the link between head injury and mental illness .This is the largest  study  with 34 year follow-up period on this question and authors were able to control for much more confounding factors.

Authors used Danish Civil Registration System , Psychiatric Central Register   and the  National Hospital Register to examine the link between injury and outcome (schizophrenia spectrum disorders, unipolar depression, bipolar disorder, and organic mental disorders). Onset of all disorders were confirmed to be post injury. Head injury was classified to mild injury ,severe injury and skull fracture. Accident proneness…

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