“That weird inverted rainbow? Why does that happen?”

faith in thought and action

PROOF OF GOD! ...and other tragedies.

The person came over to look at the old external hard drives, the ones that just whir and beep, won’t open.
“Is there anyway to get the files off of them?”
He explained something about a switch or a port, said the problem was mechanical, that he might be able to get a cable of some sort, take the drives out of their housing, get to the files that way.
He wrote down model numbers and I slid the quiet plastic slabs back into their case, put them on the mantle. “I guess they can just live there for a while.”
The person said he didn’t know when he’d be able to work on it. I offered to pay him for his time, for any cable he may need to purchase.
“Want to go sit on the porch with me?”
I gathered up my tea, my pouch of tobacco, left…

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