“I think rather it’s greed which is at the heart of poverty”

A response from me to a post by Andrew Strong, Alliance Scotland:



French & other pleating

(trying out blogging from my mobile device 😊)

Since growing my hair I’ve been pleating it for swimming and when on the move, on bike or walking. More recently it’s got long enough for weaving into a French pleat. Last time I did this to my own hair would have been 30yrs ago, 1989 when a returning adult at Lanark Grammar doing Highers in Music and Classical Greek. The year before I’d achieved As in Higher English and Maths.

I’ve practised the hairstyle at home and on the move in buses and trains!

Updated this morning 7Feb19:

Trying a couple of French pleats. A bit squint and untidy. Should do better next time!

Passing the time before swimming 🏊‍♀️

In Greggs on the High Street Dundee as often happens Monday to Friday if buses are sharp.

The Olympia training pool opens at 9am, it’s now 8.33 and it takes me about 5mins or so to walk there and 10mins or so to change into my swimmie and shorts.

Swimming first thing is very good for self managing my health conditions. Takes me 2 buses from Springfield, leaving the house no later than 7.25am.